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India Beat on CNN’s 2011 Travel Planner

Cynthia Rosenfeld wrote about Pushkar’s Camel Fair for CNN’s 2011 Travel Planner. Pushkar Camel Fair November 2011 “Over 200,000 people with 50,000 cattle flock once each year to the Pushkar Festival in an otherwise sleepy town in the Rajasthani desert. Devotees believe their gods visit… READ MORE >

India Beat plays Holi!

Happy Holi! Holi is the Hindu festival of colour marking the start of spring. It is a public holiday in India and celebrated with much jubilation, typically through a free-for-all carnival of colours which involves the joyous throwing of coloured powder over friends and family…. READ MORE >

Onam: Kerala’s Biggest Festival

Onam is a festival celebrated all over Kerala which marks the return of the legendary King Mahabali. This year Onam is on the 2nd of September and will continue for 10 days. Dating from the 9th century the festival is one of the highlights of… READ MORE >

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