Every year New Delhi hosts the India Art Fair, South Asia’s largest fair. With over eighty-one exhibitors in 2020, more than any other year, the fair attracted visitors from around the globe – whether they be seasoned collectors, international gallery directors or first-time buyers.

Featuring works by Bharti Kher, Tanya Goel and Girjesh Kumar Singh, the fair flourished with a diverse mix of female and male artists of all ages, some well-established and others new to the art scene. India’s most renowned galleries including New Dehli’s Nature Morte and Mumbai’s Chatterjee & Lal exhibited and sold a vast array of art from painting to sculpture and more. IAF also hosted a unique performance programme which featured Nigerian artist Jellili Atiku and recent performer at the 2019 Venice Biennale, Piyali Ghosh.

The fair’s rule stating that 70% of the fair’s floor space is given to Indian galleries selling South Asian art allows for galleries from India’s secondary city’s to gain recognition by international collectors, showcasing the regional artists they manage. IAF takes pride in being a regional as opposed to an international Art Fair, celebrating the talent of India’s contemporary artists.

If you are interested in visiting next year’s India Art Fair, whether that be to get a taste of India’s contemporary art scene or to make a purchase, please get in touch so that we can start planning your trip.

India Art Fair: for buyers and collectors

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