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    India Beat travels the length and breadth of the subcontinent to give you unrivalled access to the wonders of India. Please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to see where we have been recently. Read on to see where we've appeared in the press and for other events, production and news stories.


    Bloomberg Pursuits: Where to Go in 2021

    Sustain Traditional Crafts in Lucknow The fine needlecraft of chikankari was introduced to India from Persia during the Mughal Empire in the 18th century. Now centered in Uttar Pradesh’s capital of Lucknow, 200 miles east of Agra, this exquisite textile art consists of tiny ivory… READ MORE >


    Bertie Dyer: curated travel

    Bertie is one of the founder-owners of India Beat. Bertie has been travelling to India since he was 12 and has spent many years living in Jaipur. Bertie’s background is fashion photography, after he left school Bertie worked under Michael Roberts which gave him an… READ MORE >


    Mrinalini Mukherjee – Modern Sculpture and Indian Tradition

    For all of those who live in New York, or if you made a trip last year, we hope you did not miss Mrinalini Mukherjee’s latest exhibition, Phenomenal Nature at The Met Breuer. Part of the group of post-independent Indian artists who broke free from… READ MORE >

    india art fair

    India Art Fair: for buyers and collectors

    Every year New Delhi hosts the India Art Fair, South Asia’s largest fair. With over eighty-one exhibitors in 2020, more than any other year, the fair attracted visitors from around the globe – whether they be seasoned collectors, international gallery directors or first-time buyers. Featuring… READ MORE >


    Jaipur’s Best Shops – A Private Tour Curated by Victoria Dyer

    Experience the splendor of Jaipur’s most luxurious boutiques as well as discover the hidden gems that Victoria has uncovered throughout her time in India on India Beat’s exclusive Jaipur Shopping Tour. Whether you simply want to browse through the beautiful materials, vibrant colours and intricate… READ MORE >


    Jaipur Literature Festival

    In January 2020, we accompanied a group to the incredible Jaipur Literary Festival,  hosted by Diggi Palace for the 13th time. A multi-sensory feast of ideas, the festival has grown to become a literary event renowned the world over, attracting over 2000 speakers and millions… READ MORE >


    Discover the Rural Heart of Rajasthan at RAAS Chhatra Sagar

    One of India Beat’s favourite hotel’s – Chhatra Sagar – is reopening under the new management of RAAS hotels. Situated in the rural heart of Rajasthan, this tented camp is one of the most unique and idyllic places to stay in Rajasthan. Featuring a small… READ MORE >

    rohet house

    Tranquil Luxury at the New Rohet House, Jodhpur

    Among the bustling streets of Jodphur has emerged a new slice of idyllic peace. Rohet House is the latest addition to Jodhpur’s hotel scene and it is certainly worth a stay. Previously a royal abode to Thakur Sahib Manvendra Singh and Thakurani Sahiba Jayendra Kumari,… READ MORE >


    Discover India’s Craft Heritage at Nila House

    Nila House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Jaipur, Bertie and I have loved it for years! It has been painstakingly restored by Bijoy Jain under the directorship of Lady Bamford. It is now home to the Nila Foundation whose aim is to… READ MORE >


    In Conversation with our Specialist Guides in Rajasthan

    Rajasthan boasts a rich history making it arguably one of the most vibrant and diverse states in India. Exploring this extensive region takes you on an adventure spanning thousands of years of monumental palaces, beautiful art and feudal battles. The name Rajasthan derives from ‘The Abode of the Rajas’… READ MORE >

    Gem bar, courtesy Amrapali

    Jaipur’s Gems Arrive in Harrods

    Close your eyes and picture this; you stand in a gleaming room as a conveyor sends gems of every colour imaginable, ready for you to pluck a glistening stone as it floats on by. Sounds like a surreal day-dream? Well at Harrods this has become… READ MORE >


    Special Experience: Lunch with the Jain Pilgrims

    Jainism, alongside Buddhism and Hinduism, is one of the three most ancient religions of India. Teaching a path to spirituality through living a life of nonviolence and renunciation, Jains live a simple and peaceful life. ‘Jain’ derives from the Sanskrit verb to conquer; referring to… READ MORE >


    Special Experience: Learn Bandhani Tie-dye with our Master Craftsman

    Bandhani tie-dye is one of the oldest forms of textile dyeing. An ancient art that is mainly practiced in the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat, this technique has come to symbolise the stunning sarees, turbans and odhnis that inject these areas with colour and life…. READ MORE >


    Special Experience: The Best Way to See Leopards

    The ever-elusive leopard has finally given up his home address. Set in stunning rural countryside, the beautiful Jawai Leopard Camp is home to many incredible creatures including flamingos and monkeys, and of course a thriving leopard population. Conveniently located between Jodphur and Udaipur, it is… READ MORE >


    Explore India with celebrity chef Peta Mathias

    India Beat loves working with Peta Mathias. Be ready for ten days of fabulous sensory overload with renowned New Zealand food writer Peta Mathias. Discover the very different locations of Jaipur, Goa, Kolkata and Darjeeling. In this land of extremes, Peta’s tour encompasses spicy cooking lessons, magical… READ MORE >

    wendy perrin

    The Best Travel Planners from around the World: India Beat are part of The Wow List 2014 – 2020!

    Many of our travelers found us because of Wendy Perrin, whose annual WOW List remains the definitive resource for sophisticated travelers seeking the world’s best destination specialists. Wendy calls us “the most well-connected travel fixers and custom itinerary designers in the world.” We are passionate… READ MORE >

    Amber Fort in Jaipur

    1135 AD: Fine Dining in Jaipur

    1135 AD at Jaipur’s Amber Fort is an incredible concept restaurant that recreates the splendor of the maharaja’s court. We love to treat ourselves to lunch at the restaurant is its hidden location above the jaleb chowk’s main gateway. On arrival, get ushered upstairs to… READ MORE >

    photo 3

    Jaipur’s beautiful Idli boutique

    The Idli boutique houses an exotic collection of incredibly beautiful clothes, accessories, textiles and home furnishings, curated by our good friend Thierry Journo. Thierry’s expert knowledge of traditional Indian techniques such as tie-dye, embroidery and block printing intermingle with his French aestheticism and individual elegance to… READ MORE >


    Town & Country Hotel Awards and Travel Guru’s

    The Town & Country Hotel Awards: The Best New Hotels in the World 2018! India Beat’s Bertie Dyer, ‘whose day job it is to design the best travel itineraries out there’ nominated The Oberoi Sukhvilas and the Taj Exotica Resort Andaman Islands for this coveted… READ MORE >


    The Wall Street Journal: Off Duty, 50 Elements of Style

    India Beat are delighted to be included in The Fall Guide by The Wall Street Journal. Our shopping tour of Jaipur is highlighted under their Couture Excursions: “Personalized shopping tours that are ‘less about buying and more about seeing how beautiful things are made,” according… READ MORE >

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