Many of our most wonderful clients found us because of Wendy Perrin. Wendy was at Condé Nast Traveler, where she was Director of Consumer News and Digital Community and wrote its popular practical advice column The Perrin Report. One of the greatest honours India Beat received is when Wendy included Bertie and Victoria Dyer on her “Perrin’s People” List of Top Travel Specialists, which used to be published annually in Condé Nast Traveler. Wendy has now launched WendyPerrin.com, where she and her team share insider travel information from across the globe.

Wendy has introduced The WOW List, an up-to-date list of her trusted travel specialists, and Bertie and Victoria are very excited to be on that list, along with other top destination specialists who can assist you with your travel plans wherever in the world you’re going. We’d love to encourage you to bookmark Wendy’s site and also to sign up for her Perrin Passport newsletter. Also please have a look at Bertie and Victoria’s Insider’s Guide to Rajasthan on Wendy’s site.

We are passionate about maximizing each traveler’s experience, and Wendy shares the same vision. She wants to make your next trip extraordinary. When you connect with Wendy’s destination specialists through WendyPerrin.com, you’re marked as a V.I.P. traveler and you get special benefits and even Wendy’s trip-monitoring service. We are thrilled to be included in WendyPerrin.com!

The WOW List from Wendy Perrin

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